Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020


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MOBILE — Archdiocese of Mobile educators will go through the natural ups and downs that a school year brings, but Fr. Paul Zoghby asked teachers to remember that Jesus’ power and love are constant.

Fr. Zoghby, pastor of St. Margaret of Scotland Parish in Foley, was the keynote speaker at Catholic School Orientation Day at Holy Spirit Parish in Montgomery on Aug. 12 and St. Dominic Parish in Mobile on Aug. 13. While it can be easy to see Jesus as all-loving and all-powerful during good times, Fr. Zoghby asked educators to see Jesus during the challenges.

“It’s difficult to see Him at times as the all-loving, all-good, all-guiding and all-caring God when things aren’t going particularly well,” Fr. Zoghby said. “And things are not going to go all that well every day this year.”

He added: “There’s going to be some difficulties, there’s going to be some challenges, there’s going to have to be some stuff you’re going to have to get through. In the midst of that, Jesus Christ is still the all-loving, all-caring, all-guiding and all-good God. Don’t just fall on that when everything is going right and when he just worked a miracle.”

Catholic School Orientation Day was a prelude to the first day of school, which was Aug. 14 in the archdiocese.

Along with Fr. Zoghby’s presentation, Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi celebrated Mass at both locations.

Numerous priests from throughout the archdiocese concelebrated. Principals, directors and faculty were also commissioned during the Masses at Holy Spirit and St. Dominic.

During his homily, Archbishop Rodi thanked educators for their ministry and also stressed to educators the importance of supporting children while challenging them to step out of their comfort zone.

He brought up the story of a high school sophomore who signed up for the bowling team.

“’But I’ve never bowled before,” she said, according to Archbishop Rodi.

He added: “That was a stretch for her. It was doing something scary. That only happens when the kids know that someone has their back. And that’s our role — to give kids the assurance that we’re pulling for them. We’re there.”


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