Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

We all know that God gave 10 commandments to Moses. We are familiar with them: among the 10 God commanded that we shall not lie, steal, commit adultery or kill. God also commanded that every seventh day be offered to Him. “Remember keep holy the Sabbath.”
We accept the fact that God was serious about the commandments that we are not to lie, steal, commit adultery or kill, but we tend at times to think that God was not as serious about keeping the Sabbath holy. There is nothing in scripture to support that thought. God is as serious about keeping the Sabbath holy as He is about lying, stealing, adultery and murder.
Why would God command us to worship Him at least every seventh day? He does not need our praise. Our worship adds nothing to His majesty. So why is God so intent that we worship Him? The answer is simple; He knows us better than we know ourselves. God knows that if we fail to worship Him, little by little we will forget who He is. And God knows that when we forget who He is, we forget who we are. It is not God who needs the worship of God, we are the ones who need the worship of God.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the average American worker worked between 50-60 hours a week. The workweek was usually six days long, and many Americans worked six days a week, 10 hours a day. Yet Americans at that time were much more likely to worship God than today. Interesting, that when we Americans had less free time, we worshipped God more often.
What happened to change this? We could cite a number of factors, but allow me to give just one. We have changed from what I like to call a “Sabbath Mentality” to a “Weekend Mentality.” When Americans worked six days a week, they stopped working on the seventh day because that day belonged to God. This was the Sabbath mentality, that the Sabbath or the Lord’s Day was God’s time. Today, however, Americans work five days a week and then have a two-day weekend. We feel that the weekend is “our time,” not God’s. It is our time to relax and if we can fit in some time for God, so much the better, but the weekend belongs to us. It is a weekend mentality that Saturday and Sunday belongs to us.
The weekend mentality is that we feel entitled to free time since we have been working all week and we have to go back to work on Monday. We need time to relax. The danger is, that if we leave God out of the picture, little by little we come to think that we are made for work, created only for the here and now. We forget who we are.
Years ago, if a farmer had a mule he would work that mule but every so often the farmer would let the mule relax. Why? So that he could get more work out of the mule. He did not allow the mule to relax because of any dignity in the mule, but only because he wanted the mule to work more. The weekend mentality teaches us that we have time off only to relax so we can work some more.
God commands us to stop our work and worship Him. God tells us that we are not beasts of burden, we are not mules. We are created in God’s image. There is a reason why we exist. There is a purpose and meaning to our lives. We are created for far more than the here and now, for far more than work. We are created to enter into a relationship with God which begins here and lasts for all eternity.
Thus God commands us to worship Him and to remember who He is. Otherwise, we will begin to forget Him and then we end up forgetting who we are. God commands us to stop and remember that He has created us, created us for a purpose, and to remember the dignity God has given us.

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