Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020
Carol Baker of Visitation Monastery and Visitation Sister Christine Marie presented the Apostleship of the Sea ministry a box of handmade Rosaries to be given to visiting seafarers. (Photo submitted by Carol Baker/For The Catholic Week)

Submitted by Deacon John Archer
For The Catholic Week
MOBILE — Visitation Sister Christine Marie and Ms. Carol Baker of Visitation Monastery presented a box of handmade rosaries to the Apostleship of the Sea ministry on Aug. 12, the Feast of St. Jane Frances de Chantal.
The rosaries are for distribution, by the ministry, to seafarers arriving in the Port of Mobile.
Deacon John Archer indicated that the multicolored braided rosaries are unique and will be greatly appreciated by the seafarers as an example of faith and love. During this pandemic seafarers are onboard for extended periods of time, up to a year at a time, with little or no shore time and with limited access to visitors.
To be able to present a handmade gift like these rosaries shows in a very tangible way that someone is thinking about them and praying for them. Deacon Archer expressed his appreciation of this unique gift of time and talents from Sister Christine Marie and Ms. Carol Baker.
The Apostleship of the Sea in Mobile and around the world has returned to limited ship visitations. “Gangway” visits, as they are now called, are visits limited to the area around the gangway (the ladder leading to the ship.) This limited access allows appropriate distancing for the safety of crew and visitor. No transportation services are being performed at this time due to an abundance of safety for all involved.
The ministry in Mobile has expanded it’s inventory of portable wifi’s which allows seafarers to call home using the internet. The service is provided free of charge and has been overwhelming appreciated by all crews. As one crew member said “It allows us to call home without having to pay”.
The Apostleship of the Sea (formerly the Catholic Maritime Club of Mobile) is a dedicated group of people who, through their active involvement in the ministry, bring Christ to the people of the sea here in Mobile.
— For more information on the ministry, contact Deacon John Archer at 925-548-5388.

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