Wed. Oct 21st, 2020


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MOBILE — Little Flower Catholic School will roll out a whole new look this fall, thanks to a talented team of young graphic designers from Spring Hill College.
In coordination with the Foley Community Service Center at the college, Professor Janden Richards’ third-level graphic design students spent last spring developing a fresh and comprehensive branding package for the elementary school.
The process began with planning meetings in January and February. In March, Spring Hill’s design students visited Little Flower, touring the school and gaining inspiration as they listened to the young Vikings express their thoughts about what makes Little Flower Catholic School so unique.
The design class was then divided into four creative teams and went to work.
In April, the teams presented their beautiful designs — including a sleek, updated version of the Cross and Rose to include Eucharistic imagery, as well as an original Viking design for school sportswear.
“The end result is that the Little Flower Catholic School now has an extensive, coordinated stable of professional-quality designs ready to implement in all printed and electronic communications, on their sportswear and in their marketing and enrollment materials,” said senior designer Zoë Donalson.
The class even designed car magnets and alumni stickers, too.
“We love the new look and are tremendously grateful to the team from Spring Hill College for their time and talent so generously given in support of Little Flower Catholic School” said Principal Alesa Weiskopf.
— For more about the project and to see color samples, visit and click on the school’s “About” tab.

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