Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

In 1973 the Supreme Court decision, Roe vs Wade, struck down the laws of 46 states and made abortion legal throughout the country. At the time I was a young man in my 20s. The decision was controversial, but I remember many people said that the controversy would soon go away as people became accustomed to abortion and as more and more women obtained abortions.

Back in 1973 it was widely presumed that when abortion became so commonplace the controversy would cease. It hasn’t.

Now it’s 46 years later and the controversy continues. Since 1973 the lives of approximately 60 million babies have been ended in abortion. In some communities abortion on demand is very common. In New York City, for example, more than 40 percent of all pregnancies end in abortion.

The fact is that abortion is based upon lies, two lies in particular. The first lie is that the flesh in the womb is just a blob of tissue. It was easier to convince people of that lie in 1973 than it is today. Young people today are part of the most educated generation in the country’s history. They have seen images of the baby in the womb. The images clearly show that the baby in the womb has arms and legs, a head and body. And has a heartbeat. Yet even today many people are unaware of what the baby in the womb looks like.

It is striking to me how many mothers who are considering an abortion change their minds once they see the ultrasound of their baby. They see the fact …there is a baby in their womb, not a mass of tissue.

The second lie is that the baby in the womb is part of the mother’s body. Pro-abortionists argue that a woman should have control of her body. Women should control their bodies. But the baby in the womb is not a part of the body. An appendix is a part of the body, so are tonsils or a gall bladder. These organs may be removed from our bodies for a good reason. But a baby’s body is a distinct body from the mother’s body. The baby’s DNA, blood type, fingerprints, heartbeat and brain waves are all distinct from the mother’s.

The baby may be totally dependent upon the mother, but dependent human life is still human life.

There will always be people who will refuse to accept the lies of abortion, who will not accept these lies that allow a horrible evil to continue in our society, the abortion of innocent babies. It aggravates the pro-abortionists that so many people refuse to be quiet and just accept the evil of abortion. It aggravates them that pro-life people won’t just go away. It aggravates the pro-abortionists that the pro-life efforts change people’s minds and bring about a respect for life in the hearts of many.

I wonder why ultrasounds have such an impact. Maybe for some they are unaware of the life in their wombs. Maybe for others it is finally seeing what they did not want to think about, as if ignoring the truth will make it disappear.

The truth is that abortion ends the life of a baby. Many people do not wish to be confronted by the truth of abortion. They do not want to see images of the baby being torn apart in the womb during an abortion. It may be easier to close our eyes, but as Jesus says: “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

To choose not to see evil is to cooperate in it.

And so the struggle goes on. I am confident that God does not sleep. I am confident that evil ultimately falls of its own weight. I am confident that the truth about abortion will one day win out. It may aggravate the pro-abortionists that after 46 years those of us who are pro-life will not go away. It aggravates them that we will not be silent and will not acquiesce in evil. We plan to stay and pray and work for the dignity of life.

(As an aside, my next article will deal further with what it means to uphold the dignity of life. Our efforts to respect life must extend to life at every stage and cannot only be concerns for the pre-born child.)

By Editor

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