Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

We are called to love. OK, that can sound very simple, very familiar and perhaps a bit sappy. If it sounds simple, familiar or sappy it is because we wrongly define love. Love is hard, rare and self-emptying. It is gritty and messy. Yet, it is absolutely intrinsic to who we are.
We are made in the image of the Blessed Trinity; one God in three persons. The Trinity is a community of three persons giving themselves entirely to the other and receiving the gift of the other. It is a dynamic community of self-giving and receiving. God made us in this image, the image of the Trinity. That means that we are called to love, not by an external call, but by our very nature. It is what persons made in the image of the Trinity do.
Men and women are both called to love, but each in a different way. Women tend to be more nurturing than men, and men tend to be the ones who are more about teaching how to go out into the world. These are broad categories and they certainly aren’t set in stone. A child needs to be thrown into the air (thanks, dad) and they need to be hugged and cuddled (thanks, mom). Of course dads should hug and moms should toss occasionally. The point is, we are all called to love even if we do so differently.
On Saturday, Oct. 6, the Archdiocese of Mobile will be offering a conference for women here in our Archdiocese. “Called to Love,” is the name of the conference. Women from around the Archdiocese will come together at Corpus Christi parish in Mobile to strengthen one another in this vocation to love. The day will begin with the celebration of the Liturgy with Archbishop Rodi. The women will hear from Gloria Purvis, one of the hosts of “Morning Glory.” They will have multiple breakout sessions to choose from, and the entire event will be emceed by Ellen Taylor, the Executive Director of Archangel Communications.
It is not too late to get tickets for this event, but they are selling fast and we do anticipate it selling out again this year. Just visit and click on the “Called to Love” icon.
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