Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

As Catholics we believe that God is a Trinity of persons in one God. The Trinity is a communion of persons loving each other completely. The Father loves the Son and makes a gift of His very self to the Son. The Son receives that gift and returns the gift of His very self. The love between the Father and Son is so real, so profound and so dynamic that it is a third person, namely the Holy Spirit. (Please note that the Father and the Son do not create the Holy Spirit.)
God so desires for all people to know His very nature that He made us male and female and gave us the Sacrament of Matrimony. A man and a woman, when they make a gift of themselves to one another become an icon of the Trinity. A man loves his wife and makes a gift of his very self to his wife. The wife receives the gift of her husband and returns the gift of her very self. This love real, so profound and so dynamic that it MAY be a third person, namely a baby.
Whenever and wherever we see a family, we should see a community of persons living in love and it should make the Trinity present in our world. This is what the Church believes about marriage and human sexuality. We must proclaim this beautiful teaching from the mountaintops, and we then have to try to live this as married couples.
If we realize that we are meant to be icons of the Blessed Trinity, then it will demand from each of us that we try to make the icon as beautiful as possible by loving our spouse and our children more fully, more dynamically and more unselfishly. Understanding that we are meant to be icons should constantly prod us to become more efficacious icons.
The Archdiocese of Mobile is beginning a program to train couples to become mentor couples to those in formation for marriage. The mentor couples will work with the priest who is doing the marriage formation. The mentor couples will help to share the good news and the beauty of marriage. If you are interested in becoming a mentor couple please speak with your pastor, or email me at (and we will contact your pastor).
— Pat Arensberg is the Director of the Office for Evangelization and Family Life. Email him at
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