Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Every year at the Easter Vigil the Church welcomes people into full communion. Some of those people have been baptized in other denominations and some have not been. The practice of welcoming people into the Church at Easter is an ancient practice rooted in the fact that the Lord’s resurrection from the dead is central to our faith.
But, have you ever thought about where these people come from (to be welcomed into the Church)? Have you ever wondered what the process is to become Catholic?
The process that culminates at the Easter Vigil generally begins with an invitation from someone like you. Yes, you. Not someone else. Not a neighbor or that super holy person who sits in front of you at Mass. YOU. But, what do you invite them to? You invite them to join you in attending an RCIA session. RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. It is a place where people who are interested in learning about Catholicism can go to learn more about it. It is done in virtually every parish and it generally occurs once a week. There is no obligation to become Catholic at any point prior to the Easter Vigil. The sessions generally last about an hour and are very conversational.
I recommend that you invite someone to go and check it out. Maybe you can grab a bite on the way to RCIA or go for a beer or coffee after. Can you imagine how difficult it may be for someone who is not Catholic and perhaps has never been to your parish to go on their own and try to find the right building and room? Offer to accompany them to the session (and beyond).
Included in this issue of The Catholic Week is a list of parishes and the time/place and contact person for the RCIA program in parishes. Additionally, there is contact information (generally email) so that you can get further information if you so desire.
Remember, by virtue of your baptism you are called to be one who shares the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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